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BHA Students

We are SO proud of all of our students and their accomplishments!

Most of our students are active performers within their community and school, and many also perform professionally. Below is a small sample of what we do!

Let it Be- BHA Studio Project

When the pandemic began in 2020, we were unsure of how lessons would work and how long it would be before we'd see each other again! This video was our first "Quarantine" performance and remains one of our favorite projects to date. 

Riley Fincher-Foster, age 15

What a voice! Riley has been a student of Brittany's for almost 5 years. She is an active performer and was recently seen in the Broadway National Tour of A Christmas Story! Riley also placed 1st in her NATS Regionals category and will be advancing to Nationals!

Mathew Molina, Age 13

You are sure to be blown away by the voice of this 13 year old student! Mathew has been studying with Brittany for almost a year and also recently won his category for NATS Regionals and will be advancing to Nationals!

Caroline Kennington, age 19

Caroline has been a BHA student for many years and is now pursuing a Voice degree from Clemson University. She will be graduating this year and attending the Disney College Program in the Fall!

Eden Hammond, Age 11

Eden is one of 4 talented sisters Brittany has had the pleasure of teaching over the years! She performs all over the Upstate and has been a part of the studio for many years now!

Lauren Laxton, age 15

Lauren's voice is absolutely beautiful, buttery smooth! She is an active performer in the Upstate and also placed 1st in SC NATS last year and advanced to Regionals this year. 

Ben Stasiek, Age 11

Ben is already a fantastic singer and performer at the age of 11! He recently won his category in both SC NATS and NATS Regionals! He will also be advancing to Nationals this May. Ben has been studying with Brittany for just over 2 years.

Connor Alomar, age 4

Connor is Brittany's son, so we just had to include this video from a couple years ago during a Virtual Christmas Recital :)

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